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5.3.6 Safeguarding training

Safer Recruitment and DBS Checks

The ECB is firmly committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy the game.

Safer Recruitment

It is essential that cricket clubs follow safer recruitment guidance to ensure all staff and volunteers in cricket are suitable for their role, appropriately vetted and supported by their club.

As part of a safer recruitment process, clubs should consider taking the following measures: 

  • Clearly identify the role you are recruiting for
  • Identify the skills and knowledge required for the role
  • Interview volunteers – explore why they are interested in the role and why they want to be involved in cricket
  • Collect references from a suitable organisation such as an employer, community organisation or sports club
  • Ask to see certificates and evidence of qualifications
  • Supervised Trial Session – this is particularly relevant for coaches and will enable you to see how they engage with children, young people, parents and other club members
  • Discuss with the individual any gaps in their skills and knowledge and what training may be appropriate to address these
  • Support the individual on an ongoing basis, including 1:1 check-ins, observations, recognising achievements and training needs.

All organisations working with children have safeguarding responsibilities and clear requirements placed upon them by legislation. This applies whether you are a club, league, panel or another organisation. Legislation exists to ensure safer recruitment practices are followed, including Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks for those in regulated activity.

Safer Recruitment Guidance and Templates 


  • Safer Recruitment PDF
  • Safer Recruitment - Quick Guide for Clubs PDF


  • Application Form Word  
  • Interview Questions Sheet Word
  • Reference Request Form Word  
  • Shortlisting Scoring Sheet Word 
  • Safer Recruitment Checklist Word  

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checks

The roles in cricket that require an ECB DBS check are:

  • Age Group Team Manager, All Stars / Dynamos Children’s Activator, All Stars / Dynamos Children’s Helper, Assistant Coach, Captain / Vice captain, Club Safeguarding Officer, Coach, County Safeguarding Officer, Junior Supervisor, League Safeguarding Officer, Physiotherapist, Safeguarding Recruiter, Team Manager, Umpire, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Children's Cricket Agent, Children’s Cricket Talent Scout, Children Academy Director, Disability Cricket Manager, Education Advisor, Medical Staff, Personal Development Manager, Psychologist, Strength/Conditioning Coach

Applying for an ECB DBS check is straightforward, and the process is now all online – there are no paper applications involved. For volunteers the process is free and for Paid roles a fee of £38 is payable to the DBS upon application.  We also have the facility for you to enrol onto the Update Service which will mean that if an individual’s details do not change, they may never have to do another DBS application in cricket. Again, this is free for volunteers, however there is a fee of £13 per annum for paid applicants.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the policy of the ECB to recheck all individuals on a 12-month basis.  If registered to the DBS update service this will be carried out via their online portal, if the certificate is not registered to the update service, then a new application will be required after 12 months. To reiterate, clearance for more than 12 months at anyone time will not be granted. 

If you require an ECB DBS certificate, please contact your Club Safeguarding Officer in the first instance to request that your application is initiated. If they are unsure how to do this, the County Safeguarding Officer can help them. Umpires may be able to contact their panel administrator.

Once your application is initiated, you will receive an email with easy-to-follow instructions to help you make your application. There is a helpdesk function within the system. When the DBS have concluded their checks, you will receive a paper copy of your certificate in the post.

For renewal of your DBS, you will receive an email annually requiring you to log in and give consent to be rechecked and also confirm your personal details, such as: Role / Club / volunteer or paid status.


What if there is content on my DBS certificate?

All convictions, cautions and information on the DBS certificate are assessed for their relevance in respect of safeguarding children and an individual’s suitability to work with children. The assessment is carried out by the ECB Vetting Panel. If you have content on your DBS certificate, the ECB Vetting Panel may request further information from you to ensure you are suitable to hold a position of trust in cricket. The existence of any convictions and/or cautions will not necessarily prevent an individual from being involved in cricket, that will depend on the nature and circumstance of the information provided and will be vetted on a case-by-case basis.

Who will know about my criminal convictions?

DBS certificates containing content will only be seen by the ECB Safeguarding Team, this information will not be shared outside of the ECB Safeguarding Team, unless there is a need to share information with others in order to protect children. All information is kept confidential and managed within a secure environment, in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act. Where information is shared, this is done in accordance with the requirements of ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children, 2023’. 

I have lived abroad. Can I apply for an ECB DBS certificate?

Yes, but you will need to provide a local police check or certificate of good conduct from your country of residence if you have lived abroad in the last five years. More information can be found here.

I currently live overseas. Can I apply for an ECB DBS?

Yes, applicants from overseas must complete the Non-UK resident vetting form and will require a local police check or certificate of good conduct. Download the form here.   

Can I use a DBS from another organisation?

No, a specific ECB DBS is required for anyone undertaking a regulated activity role in cricket. See the full list of roles above.

Safe Hands Help Centre

For any other queries relating to DBS in cricket please visit our help centre.